Oliver Kupe

Founder & President

Anne-Marie and Joachim Kupe took their family from the Congo, to Europe, and finally to the United States in order to provide a life full of opportunities for Oliver and his four sisters. The endless personal and financial sacrifices made by Oliver’s parents inspired him to become a financial advisor.

Oliver works tirelessly to help provide the life his clients deserve so that they may reap the rewards from their own tireless hard work and sacrifices. He strives to reach individuals, like his parents, who in the traditional sense would not have access or knowledge of the life changing resources that wealth management provides. This is his mission.

Oliver grew up in Detroit but was born and raised in Luxembourg by his Congolese parents. Prior to his career in finance, he was drafted by Real Salt Lake FC in Major League Soccer, and attended Northwestern University, receiving a B.A. in Economics.

He serves on the boards of the 100 Black Men of Chicago, Northwestern University Black Alumni Association, Chicago Black Women in Tech, and 548 Capital.