This is Aurélien Capital Partners.

Helping clients pursue their life’s passions.

We provide boutique investment advisory and family office services to a select group of high net worth individuals, pro athletes, entrepreneurs, and exonerees. Through cutting edge financial services that are:

And built to enhance your lifestyle.

Welcome to your own Family Office.

Your eyes are on your next game, your next gig, your next venture. That’s why Aurélien Capital Partners is here — to surround you with a trusted team of advisors dedicated to providing individualized guidance, customized services, and bespoke lifestyle and financial management tools. We bring your world into focus, so you can focus on what’s next. 

Clients First

To say our clients are unique is an understatement. They have defied life’s greatest odds and claimed some of its greatest triumphs. Each of our clients are passionate and forward thinking. Diverse in thought, experience, and life. We are extremely honored and uniquely qualified to work with our ACP families and individuals. 

Our Approach

Moving away from the noise of Wall Street and the singular pursuit of investment returns, we stand apart from the advisors focused on only a small piece of the equation. Instead, our mission is to provide our clients with a game plan to wield their wealth and pursue their life’s passions. We provide a client experience that optimizes your:

  • Wealth
  • Career
  • Family 
  • Community
  • Standard of Living

Our true measure of success is not an index or specific rate of return on investment, but your overall return on life. 

The business of you.

LIFESTYLE MANAGEMENT | Our clients range from pro athletes to serial entrepreneurs to career professionals. So between balancing a fast-paced career and being engaged in their personal lives, we know the greatest commodity of all is their time. At Aurélien Capital we help take on the many financial obstacles and responsibilities our clients face. We help them manage their finances, make sound money decisions, and ultimately secure a lifetime of financial success. In turn, this enables them to capture more of that valuable time and freedom to pursue their passions and ultimately gain a greater return on life. 

Every decision is a big decision.

INVESTMENT ADVISORY | You’ve made it to the pinnacle of your career. With that success comes wealth. And you deserve to enjoy all that wealth brings. But you must implement a disciplined investment strategy with the proper vehicles. By utilizing our advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence portfolios through VISE, we will construct your optimal investment strategy. All while giving you access to our institutional grade money managers, private markets, and alternative investment options.

You did what it took to get here.

We’ll do what it takes to keep you here.

WEALTH PRESERVATION | Planning for prosperity later in life means making the most of your earnings today. The concept is simple, but the implementation is totally unique. By carefully considering all of your goals and needs, we’re able to solidify your future by building comprehensive estate plans and aligning all tax and investment strategies to maximize your wealth over time. It’s the decisions you make today that set you up for a lifetime of success.